The Running Bird Ranch Health Guarantee

All birds are quaranteed against pre-existing conditions; such as bacterial disorders, parasites, viruses or deformities at the time of sale / shipping.  This means that our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections and congenital defects. We do not put an artificial time limit on our guarantee. If one of our birds becomes ill or expires after the sale and the illness or congenital defect was present in our bird prior to its being sold, we will replace the bird.  Notification shall be made within 24 hours of onset of symptoms or quarantee is void.  Any diagnosis of any pre-existing conditions must be made by a licensed avian veterinarian.  The Running Bird Ranch attending veterinarian must concur with the diagnosis and all laboratory test and results shall be made available to him/her.  This quarantee is invalid if the birds leg band is removed.


We do not consider a growth of gram negative bacteria post-shipping to be disease but recognize that this is a stress-related reaction to being shipped. Please ask us for details regarding our guarantee if there is something you do not understand. We are serious about our babies' health and do everything possible to provide proper nutrition and veterinary supervision to ensure that you will receive he healthiest bird possible from us!